With 26 forward-thinking websites, 37 industry-leading magazines and over 20 world-class events at its heart, PMI prides itself on its diverse and wide-ranging family of products.

This portfolio is set against an innovative, AI led technology platform that harnesses the power of the Group’s sister companies Verdict, NSMG and Global Data.

Built on a backbone of machine-learning and dynamic MarTech solutions, the innovative vision behind PMI is constantly evolving and creating new and exciting ways for our clients to successfully achieve their business goals.

From influencer software that tracks the movers and shakers in each sector, giving us invaluable insight into the issues that matter to them on a minute-by-minute basis, to a data management platform that equips our clients with granular information of exactly who is reading their content enabling them to generate leads in an intelligent and real-time format, PMI is at the cutting edge of the modern technology landscape.