Modern Power Systems

Modern Power Systems provides in-depth independent coverage of power plant and transmission and distribution technology. Widely read throughout the world of electricity generation, it specialises in presenting key engineering and commercial developments in an authoritative but accessible style.

Nuclear Engineering International

Published continuously since 1956 with more than 60 years of being an independent nuclear technical journal, Nuclear Engineering International covers all aspects of civil nuclear power generation and its related supply chains globally. Topics covered range from front-end fuel cycle to power plant operations to decontamination & decommissioning. In addition to technical subjects, we also cover market developments, economics, and government policy and management issues

World Expro

Created to meet the specific needs of senior board members, operations, procurement and E&P heads within the upstream industry, World Expro provides a clear overview of the latest industry thinking regarding the key stages of exploration and production. The publication boasts incisive commentary and analysis from the world's most powerful business leaders alongside investigative and provocative articles from leading journalists

World Wind Technology

World Wind Technology provides key energy executives with unique analysis and data combined with contributions from leading industry analysts, practitioners and thought leaders.

World Mining Frontiers

World Mining Frontiers is designed and edited specifically for primary decision makers engaged in the process of exploration, extraction and processing of mineral resources and throughout the supply chain.

International Water Power & Dam Construction

Launched in 1949, International Water Power & Dam Construction has established itself as the leading monthly international publication serving the needs of those involved in dam construction and the hydroelectricity industries. Independently published it offers a highly respected, unrivalled, in-depth, quality editorial to its readers.

International Power Summit

International Power Summit takes place every year representing leading power generation utilities and manufacturers responsible for commercial, technical, procurement, asset management and maintenance issues.The conference programme supported by a specialist Advisory Board attracted an exclusive line-up of leading speakers from across the energy sector, including key decision makers in generation and plant development, project management and international development

Energy Webinars

Our Energy Series covers topics within Oil & Gas, Renewable, Sustainable, Environmental & Pipelines.